Friday, October 7, 2011

We saw two more presentations...

this morning, Dalton's look at log driving and Megan's work on solutions for polluting paper mills. Though we all thought the pictures worked well, the fact that he didn't know where many were taken creates a problem both as far as the project's focus on the Penobscot Watershed and the requirement that all information be carefully sourced.

Megan wants to work on her script and fill out her story more with details of obstacles to the closed system mill.

Riley finished his thank-you note. Others will work on them in advisory.

1005 update: Craig finished his time w/ G. Canter and showed us his presentation on electro-fishing. We agreed that it contained lots of information we'd never seen. Craig wants to replace his Wikipedia sourcing w/ the sources Wikipedia is using--double-checking, of course, that it is the actual source of his information.

When do we want to try hotlinking w/in the presentation? Tuesday?

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