Friday, October 21, 2011

Thumbs Up

The presentation left the audience feeling upbeat. Our principal gave it high praise in an e-mail to teachers last night when he described it as "interesting and...well paced..."
Congratulations to all.
Natalie, Louis and I will figure out a way to post a link to the presentation so anyone who missed it can have a look. I'll be posting a link to students' sources shortly.


  1. I think that we all stayed on topic. One thing that I know I could improve on was making sure that I kept my quotes up for longer then I did giving people more time to read them. Overall I think we did a great job. Great job guys!

  2. Thought went well: Everyone had their facts down.

    Could be different: A clicker that isn't so temperamental and that has a laser pointer.

  3. I thought the timing went really well, most everyone spoke clearly and loudly. I thought the audience was interested and engaged the whole time. An improvement for next time . . . maybe more practice reading off scripts. Also I would have liked the presentation to be sooner after the expedition itself.

  4. I thought that the presentation went well. The transitions worked well. Next time I would use the slide change better.

  5. Went Well: I think that we all did a good job staying on topic and we got it done quick.
    Next Time: next time I think we should have more practice talking, because half the time i didn't know what i was saying.

  6. I liked the flow of the slides. I think we need a new clicker to change the slides next time.