Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Story Arcs

Due Thursday: at least eight slides; at least eight facts; keep attribution in mind. Let me know if you need a hotlink citation lesson. Also, start writing your script.

Chayse, Zeb--
Problem: Camping/human activity disrupts
Obstacle: Meeting human needs
Solution:  Find camping area that provides for human needs while disrupting the natural world as little as possible
Real solution--Camp cleanly, zero-impact camping

Ethan, Avery--
Problem: For Native Americans what's the best way to get through the Penobscot River
Solution: Making birch bark canoe
Obstacles: Available resources, traditional ways?

Problem: How do we study fish without killing them?
Solution: Electrofishing--history, why use this
Obstacles: What goes wrong? settings, lack of skills, techno failure
Real solution: Continued use of it--connect to project

Problem: Getting logs to mill and market
Solution: (historically) Log drives
Obstacles: (explore reasons for stopping) pollution, etc.
Today's solution: Trucking, is it economical, ecological?

Problem: Loss of alewives and habitat
Solutions: Take dams down
Obstacles: Need power
Real life solution: Replace the power sources, then remove dams

Problem: Pollution in Penobscot River could harm lobsters in Penobscot Bay
Solution: Bring river to the standards of the Clean Water Act
Obstacles: Failure of companies and people to follow law; lack of enforcement; economic difficulties
Real world solution: Strengthen enforcement, improve education of stakeholders

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