Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some debate...

amongst producers whether KeyNote or iMovie will work in a seamless presentation including several chapters. The general concern is whether a student will be able to stop and start the progression of slides at will in iMovie. Watching the tutorials linked to the blog for more information might help further understanding on this topic.

Ethan, one of the four producers, has his work currently in iMovie and he has little experience in KeyNote. The three producers, Ethan, Leta and Natalie, who are here today must come to a conclusion about the format as soon as possible. (My observation, at this point parenthetical, is that we may want the work be able to run start to finish without stopping and starting anyway.)

The work we saw this morning ran the gamut, some slick enough for show now and some needing more thought and research. You know who you are.

Specifically, Leta wants to focus her attention on statistics and Maine's possibly unused system of fining water polluters; Ethan and Avery want to look at the big picture of birch bark canoeing by putting their "Lamborghini" of prehistoric water travel image to work and helping us understand how this technology set the tribe(s) that used them apart. Also they will take the "you" out of their text. They'll remember they are the experts explaining something to an audience, not addressing peers or children.

Aidan's project wants more attention to dam removal in the Penobscot Watershed, the monetary and civic costs; Natalie wants to add sound and more detail regarding the national park creation process; Gabe will work on stating his problem/solution(s) clearly in words; Zeb will pull back from our experience to explain why we chose No Trace Camping in the first place; Riley wants to build on his Maine/community connection in his explanations of alternatives to hydropower.

Thank-you notes are still pending. Zeb, Ethan, Aidan (w/Natalie's help), and Riley have words on a page. All need help. Click here

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