Monday, October 17, 2011

Crunch Time

Though Friday morning's run through had the expected rough spots, the order felt logical and students seemed to begin to see the flow of the presentation.

 I urged students to use this space as a forum for sharing ideas. Again. I am finding it surprising that though they will share their thoughts on FaceBook w/ abandon, putting them on another form of digital publishing meets with resistance.

In general the presentations are better, more focused, more coherent, than the last time we saw them. However, several people, Riley, Avery/Ethan, Dalton, Gabe, Kennedy should get some advice on punctuation and language issues. Apostrophes seem to present a challenge. Remember, an apostrophe goes in "it's" only when it is short for "it is." "Its" is already possessive. Ex: Its zebra-like stripes were black and white. Also, Kristen wished for bigger fonts a few times.

I have specific notes for almost everyone, so I urge students to contact me via comments here, email, GoogleDocs, or at school Monday for those.

The assessment for this process and production is fully half your first trimester English grade.


  1. Rye32! How are you feeling? I'll send you an e-mail in a few minutes.