Friday, September 30, 2011

Presentation Story Arcs

Problem--need, sustainable power in Maine
Solution--hydroelectric should be a solution
Obstacles--need dams, fisheries affected, make lakes where there were none

Attainable solution?--suggest some balanced ideas

Problem--too many dams for wild species on Penobscot River watershed
Solution--take down
Obstacles--need power, expense to remove, recreational fishing, species spread
Attainable solution?--balance human needs and fisheries' needs

Problem--we need clean water
Solution--CWA 1972(?) nn re-authorization
Obstacles--permit licensing power awarded to state of Maine by EPA
, makes State subject to corporate influence
Attainable solution?--licensing back to EPA(?)

Problem--need jobs and clean watershed
Solution--mills without pollution
Obstacles--cost, lack of imagination
Attainable solution--corporate support, need more understanding of options

Problem--Roxanne Quimby restricting historic access 
Solution--compromise w/ locals & sportsmen
Obstacles--tribalism, resentment, lack of imagination and empathy

Attainable solution--education, PR, communication

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