Friday, September 16, 2011

Documenting the Expedition

NHCS HS Fall Expedition – SY2011-12

During the fall expedition, you may be assigned the job of documenting the trip. You may also have a personal camera with you. Some of you will have cameras with you or will be assigned the job of documenting the day, so you might find this a helpful way to think about what would make interesting photos beyond the basic snaps. Remember that you will be making a presentation to the community on your return! What would you want others to know about your experience?

Photo Subjects: Telling the Story

People: whole group
smaller groups: leaders, chaperones, teachers, boat-mates,
study groups, friends, individuals

Places: in canoes, on land, in camp

Activities: traveling, loading/unloading gear
cooking, eating, sleeping, down-time
canoeing, landing, while ashore
hiking, resting, on the trail, at the summit
educational activities, study sessions, meeting with leaders/teachers
demonstrations, data gathering
writing, reading, photographing, drawing

Events: candid / unexpected: funny, dramatic, symbolic
staged / directed: “before and after”, acting-out, re-enacting something

Viewpoint: close-up, details, individuals
overall, wide-angle, panoramic (series)

Nature/Scenic: weather / clouds / sky
landscape: rocks, trees, water
sunset / sunrise
shadows, reflections
views “on the way”

Time: before / after , stages of the trip
Time of day: dawn- dusk; night shots?

As always, the quality of the light and the clarity of the composition make the difference between an ok and a great photo. Try to include in your photos ONLY what you really want to be there. Get in as close as possible.

KEEP YOUR CAMERA HANDY! You never know when a potential photo will occur!

Have a great trip!

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