Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Time to Make the Presentation

Here's our second brainstorm on the what and how of our presentation.

Notes from Combined HS English Class   


Presentation Producers: Natalie, Megan, Leta, Ethan

Presentation Date: 20.October.2011, Waterman's Community Center

Topics included: Policy, History, Government, Environment, Sport/Recreation

    Logging Industry; Mills Re-Opening; Public v. Private; National Park Feasibility/Desirability; Dam Removal; Pollution; Canoeing; Camping

Zeb suggested: Four Boards w/ Four Basic Subjects plus Slide Show(s)

Courtney clarified purpose and history of presentation.

Leta explained earlier presentation work: Plum Creek Presentation--Debate; attended press conference, said it seemed they had weeks to work on it.

Courtney suggested everybody writes/creates work of art/documentation about one topic, whether it be historic or experiential.

Leta volunteered to compile the photos for a slide show.

Lee reminded everyone that the blog is a place for work and could be a place for what cannot fit in the presentation’s time frame.


In tomorrow's class we will outline the rubric for the presentation's success.

Here is one of our starting places:

21st Century Learning Expectations

Students will be able to: • Evaluate information, synthesize ideas and carry them out in the real world. • Communicate ideas clearly to a variety of audiences, incorporating appropriate media. • Use multiple strategies to adapt to novel problem solving situations. • Use creative expression to develop and communicate in their own voice.
Students will be able to: • Successfully assume multiple roles in a group, including leader and team member as appropriate. • Independently manage time and resources. • Persevere to successfully overcome failures, setbacks and obstacles. • Seek out, evaluate, apply and give constructive feedback. • Assume responsibility for their own learning.
Students will be able to: • Apply what they have learned to real world issues in their community. • Engage with current events through reading, viewing, discussion and debate.


  1. Riley-Dams, dam removal from the Penobscot Watershed


    Gabe-Herring and alewives

    Kennedy-Penobscot Watershed pollution and lobstering, scientific effects and civic response

    Chayse & Zeb-Setting up camp

    Megan-Reopening of the Millinocket Mills, river effects, civic?

    Natalie-Roxanne Quimby's effect on the Penobscot Watershed


    Craig-Electrofishing, how it works, why scientists use it

    Ethan & Avery-Making canoes, history

  2. Dalton - history of log drives in Maine

    Aidan - dam removal - civic movement, effect on fish