Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the initial rubric form is...

2011 Fall Expedition Presentation

Students will be able to:

demonstrate academic facility

A1 Evaluate information from multiple reputable sources, synthesize ideas about the Penobscot Watershed and present them to the community

A2 Communicate ideas clearly to a variety of audiences, incorporating appropriate media

A3 Use multiple strategies to adapt to novel problem solving situations (for example not finding enough information or biases)

A4 Use creative expression to develop and communicate in their own voice

(hot-linked attributions?)

use social skills while learning

S1 Cooperate to achieve the group goal of presenting to the community

S2 Independently manage time and resources

S3 Persevere to successfully overcome failures, setbacks and obstacles (keep truckin’!)

S4 Seek out, evaluate, apply and give constructive feedback

S5 Assume responsibility for their own learning

connect their work to the larger community

C1 Apply what they have learned to real world events in Maine

C2 Engage with current events through reading, viewing and discussion

In the process of creating your work, students should ask themselves:

What format do you want your presentation to take?

Keep in mind that some portion of it must be digital and able to be posted on the blog.

Though both Courtney and Lee like this and appreciate the students' assistance in creating it, we reserve the right to amend or alter as necessary.

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